Hi! I'm Sierra

This is a place where you can find American made, western lifestyle products for everyone. You heard that right, AMERICAN MADE. As tough as it may be to find today, I strive to offer wholesome products with good integrity. 

If you've been supporting me for a while then you know how busy i've been. If you're new here let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up on a small farm/ranch with a specialized breeding program where we started colts and raised all around quality quarter horses. I'm no stranger to hard work, which is how I know first hand the value of a quality product that will hold up to whatever task you need it for. There is absolutely nothing worse than spending your hard earned dollar on a product, only to have it fail.

Together my husband and I now have 2 precious baby boys, 2 small businesses, a handful of good horses, some dogs and a whole lot of chaos.
Family is the MOST important thing to me and I really want that to show through my business. I want you to feel like you’re buying from someone you can trust, someone who will stand behind her business and never compromise the quality of service you receive. 

I am primarily online, but I enjoy setting up as a local vendor around our area periodically. You can find out where to shop me in person in the events section.

Here you will find a bunch of products for the whole family that I personally use and trust. Please follow my Facebook & Instagram page @NikulaMercantile for flash SALES, events & updates.

Thank you for supporting my business and welcome to the family!